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School, State and National Level Painting Competition on Energy Conservation 2014*

Deadline: 30-Oct-2014

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Innocent minds give a message to the nation.
Energy Conservation is the only solution!

Inviting Participation in school, State & National Level Painting Competition on Energy Conservation-2014
The Ministry of Power, Government of India, invites children to paint a world of imagination and discover the magic of clean, green & energy efficiant future; a future , which they will inherit. in this process, the children will not only learn a few good things but will also teach us a few new things.
Great News: This year onwards, State/UT Level Prize amount has been increased by almost 100%.


for Class 4th, 5th, 6th: Category: A

Theme Category A:

  1. Save Energy, Secure your future
  2. Conserve Energy for Brighter Future
  3. Bijli Bachao, Prakash Badao

for Class 7th, 8th, 9th: Category: B

Theme Category B:

  1. Global Warming is Global Warning
  2. Make it Right, change your Light
  3. Urja Bachat ki Sanskriti ka kare vikas, Ujjawal bhavishya aur ghar ghar prakash.








State / UT Category A, B

Rs. 20000

Rs. 15000

Rs. 10000

10 nos. of Rs 2500 each

National Category A

Rs 100,000

4 Nos. of Rs 50000 each

8 nos. of Rs 25,000 each

10 nos. of Rs 10,000 each

10 nos. BEE prizes of Rs 10,000 each

National Category B

Rs 100,000

2 Nos. of Rs 50000 each

3 nos. of Rs 25,000 each

6 nos. of Rs 10,000 each



  • School Principals are requested to organize Painting Competition of 2 hours duration for 4th, 5th& 6th standard students under Category ‘A’ and for 7th, 8th & 9th standard students under Category ‘B’. Students can use any size of paper, but preferably A4 size & painting material such as pencil, colour pencils, crayons & water colours. Students can select any one of the above mentioned themes marked for their category for painting.
  • School principals will select 2 best paintings from each Category A & B and send them along with the information on number of students participated in each category at school level painting competition to the Nodal Officer of the State/UT by 30th September 2014 30th October 2014 positively.
  • The back of the painting should carry the following information: : -

Name of the student, Father’s/ Mothe



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