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Public Competition for Waterless and Odourless Toilets 2015

Deadline: Deadline: Always Open31-Dec-2015
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What is Public Competition for Waterless and Odourless Toilets 2015?

Key Objective: Development of waterless & odourless toilets for trains.

In response to Hon’ble Prime Minister’s clarion call for a clean India under the Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan Indian Railways has decided to go in for a public competition for Waterless Odorless toilets in trains. 

The central idea of this competition is to develop such a design which shall not have foul smell and use no water for operation and maintenance.

Submission of Entries:
Last Date of Submission: 31st December 2015, 1700 hrs.
Submission to be mailed to:

Entries received after the stipulated time shall not be considered for competition.
The entries should be marked in the subject line as “ENTRY FOR COMPETITION FOR WATERLESS ODOURLESS TOILETS”.  

Who can apply for this scholarship ?

It is a Public Competition open for All the Groups.

How can you apply ?

Submission can be done By Email only.
Email Id:

Terms and Conditions

Guidelines for submission of entries: 
A. Technical details for the Entry Proposal:

1. Present Design, Difficulties being faced in the present Design and Expectations from new Design
   are given in the enclosed Annexure “A”.  
2. In the beginning it should have a brief explanation (about half page) of the Design and how it
   achieves the cleaning of toilets without water and prevent emanation of foul smell.
3. It may include drawings and material details to illustrate the design.
4. It should provide a cost assessment of proposed design for setup and operation  
5. It should specify the consumables and power requirement of the proposed design, if any
6. It should specify the assessed life of the designed component
7. It should include plan for disposal of waste and environment impact, if any.

B. General Details for the Entry Proposal:
1. It should be made only in A‐4 size.
2. It should be limited to 10 pages with the overall file size not exceeding 5MB.
3. The writeup should either be submitted in Hindi or English
4. The write up to be submitted in clearly readable PDF format with font size equivalent to 12 in the
   single line spacing in Hindi or in English. In case submission is in other language, it must be
   submitted with translations in either Hindi or English.
5. The design should be original work of the participant and must not infringe the Intellectual
   Property Rights of any third party.  
6. It could be an individual project or a team project.
7. No reference of the identity of the person(s) submitting should be made in the proposal. If done
   so, it shall debar the entry from consideration
8. The bio‐data, Contact Details (mobile no. , email id etc.), and affiliations of the applicant to be
   sent separately in mail (not as part of the technical writeup).  
9. It is strongly advised not to wait till the closure time for submission of entries. Railways shall not
   be responsible for late/ non receipt of entries on account of server errors/ traffic.

C. Other Conditions:
1. The final selected design shall become the intellectual property of the Ministry of Railways and
   the designer shall not have any right over the same.  
2. Railways may decide to associate with the proposer for further development of the proposed
3. The responsibility to comply with the guidelines and other conditions fully lies with the
   participant and the Ministry of Railways shall not be liable for any dispute raised by a third
4. Any dispute arising out of this competition shall be subject to local jurisdiction of Lucknow.
5. Unsuccessful entries shall be intimated through email and Ministry of Railways shall not have
   any right over the same.

D. Selection Process and Award:
1. All the entries received by the stipulated date and time and found in order, shall be evaluated by
   a Jury of distinguished experts from Railways, Industry and Academia/Research field.  
2. Five (5) entries, found worth considering for getting more details, shall be shortlisted for final
   selection. The shortlisted Designers would be required to make a presentation to the Jury.   
3. The date, time and venue of the presentation shall be communicated separately to the
   shortlisted designers.
4. Following prizes will be given to five (5) shortlisted designers;
(i) First Prize, Rs. 3 Lakh
(ii) Second Prize, Rs. 1.5 Lakh  
(iii) Three consolation Prizes, Rs.25,000/‐ each
5. Result of competition is expected to be announced by 28th    Feb 2016 & will be intimated to
   participants through email and published on website :

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