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Pearson Teaching Awards 2016


  • Eligibility: All School and College Teachers
  • Benefits: Award, Recognition



The Teaching Awards were established in 1999 by David, Lord Puttnam CBE, as a means of recognising and celebrating excellence in education.  The Awards honour outstanding teachers and teaching and highlight just how vital success in education is to the health and wealth of the UK.

Every day at the Pearson Teaching Awards Trust, they hear of exceptional teachers, lecturers, headteachers and teaching assistants who help students aim high and achieve their potential, often meeting and overcoming considerable challenges along the way.

The Teaching Awards offers everyone the opportunity to say “thank you”, to the teacher who has helped them most.  Anyone can take part, children, students, parents, grandparents and colleagues can all go online and say thank you.  In return, they will send a thank you card to each and every person or team of people who is thanked. Every “thank you”, then becomes a nomination for a Teaching Award.


The Teaching Awards Trust
4 More London Riverside
Tel: 07703 566455


Anyone can take part, children, students, parents, grandparents and colleagues can all go online and say thank you.

Click on the given link

How to Enter

Please note the Pearson Teaching Awards operates the following policies:

  • A person may only be entered into one category in any given awards year
  • Previous Teaching Award winners cannot be entered for further Pearson Teaching Awards
  • If the nominee will be retiring before April 2016 then sadly they are not eligible to be entered for a Teaching Award.

Select a Teaching Awards category from the list below to download an Entry Form. Once you have decided the category in which to submit the entry for your nominee/s download and save the relevant Entry Form.

Complete the Entry Form in MS Word and email to They will email to confirm receipt and if you haven’t received this within 5 days please do get in touch.

You may enter as many colleagues or teams as you wish.

Every nominee will also receive a thank you card and be given access to the opening statement of your entry. All other information provided will be treated in the strictest confidence.

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