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Pearson Teaching Awards 2014

Deadline: Deadline: Always Open20-Dec-2014

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AwardAward & Huge Recognition
EligibilityAll School & College Teachers
RegionNo Region
Scholarship provider contact details

Pearson Teaching Awards c/o India Didactics Association 422 – 423, DLF Tower A Jasola District Centre New Delhi – 110 025, INDIA Contact Number: +91 – 11 – 46535555 Email Id :

What is Pearson Teaching Awards 2014?

The Pearson Teaching Awards for teaching excellence aims to recognize and celebrate teaching as the noblest profession in India by recognizing extraordinary teachers who are engaging their students in innovative and path-breaking ways to ignite their potential.

This Award shall identify the teachers who have demonstrated excellence in teaching different subjects, shown outstanding contribution to learners with special needs and have served their communities through teaching even outside formal classrooms.

By recognizing these extraordinary teachers, we hope to invigorate all other teachers in India to begin connecting to their students in inspiring and innovative ways and raise the level of their teaching to greatest standards of excellence.


Why Pearson Award for Teaching Excellence?

The Teaching profession is considered as one the most noble professions and yet one of the most neglected professions in India.  A World Bank report indicated that twenty-five per cent of teachers at India’s government primary schools remain absent on any given day, and only 50% of teachers present in schools and colleges are actually engaged in teaching.

A handful of teachers who do attempt to engage students meaningfully are forced to battle poor infrastructure, absence of facilities and high dropout of students from schools and colleges.  It has been reported that only 15% of Indian students reach high school, and just 7%, of the 15% who make it to high school, graduate. A small percentage of teachers who surmount all these bottlenecks and challenges are not acknowledged and remain unheralded.

Pearson Teaching Award aims to fill this gap by actively reaching out to all corners of India and identify, recognize and felicitate teachers who are going much beyond their administrative call of duty to deliver extraordinary content in innovative, inspiring and path-breaking ways to maximize the engagement of their students and elicit their full creative potential.

Pearson India have initiated these most prestigious award and the first of its kind in India to recognize the excellent teachers from all  regions and communities of India and highlight their contribution in nation building and helping make a better society through inspirational teaching.

Who can apply for this scholarship ?

Overall there are 16 award categories; 10 in school, 4 in higher education and 2 in common.

Please note:

  1. Teachers who are delivering multiple subjects, may submit separate nominations for different subjects. It is recommended that teachers choose ONE subject where the impact is maximum with good documentation and evidence.
  2. Last day for submitting the entries is extended until saturday 20th December, 2014.
  3. The final Awards event is tentatively scheduled for December 2014 / January 2015. Final date will be confirmed closer to the event.


·  Excellence in teaching :  There are 10 Awards under this category – five for private/public schools and five for government schools – one each under the following:

  1. Languages (Any official Indian language): Excellence in teaching Indian languages would be recognized under this category – teachers of all official languages are eligible to apply.
  2. Art, Music, Drama : Excellence in imparting knowledge of various Indian Art forms would be recognized under this category – this includes Art, Craft, Dance, Music and Theatre.
  3. Mathematics :  Excellence in teaching Mathematics through innovative and interesting methods would be recognized under this category.
  4. Science:  Excellence in teaching Science (including Physics, Chemistry and Biology) with high levels of engagement and practical demonstration would be recognized under this category.
  5. Social Studies: Excellence in teaching Social Studies (including Geography, History and Civics) through engaging  activities and learning models would be recognized under this category.

Higher Education

·  Innovation in teaching (4 awards) : This award identifies teachers who have devised or implemented innovative methods, techniques or tools to deliver measurable learning in highly participative, interactive and exciting ways.

  1. There would be 4 Awards under this category – 2 for under-graduation course teachers (private and government) and 2 for post-graduation course teachers (private and government)
Common Awards (Across all education institutions)
  1. Teaching Excellence in Sports: Excellence in developing Physical Education activities and exemplary coaching of Sports would be recognized under this category.
  2. Outstanding contribution to special Learners: This award identifies passionate teachers who strive to connect to children with special needs and elicit their participation and creative potential. These children may include one or more types of physically disability, autism, cerebral palsy, epilepsy or any other type of developmental or learning delay.
  3. Teacher of the year: Jury would select one male and one female award for this category after screening applications for all other categories. No separate nominations would be invited for “Teacher of the year” of the award.

How can you apply ?

Minimum Eligibility Criteria to apply for the awards:

  1. Number of years of service shall be at least 5 years in any registered institution.
  2. Should have been teaching at least 15 hours per week for 5 years or more.
  3. Should have taught at least 500 students across 5 years or more.
  4. Preferably, the nominee must possess the required qualification for teaching as per government norms. However, jury may consider other teachers in cases where extraordinary teaching has been demonstrated.

Supporting document submission:

Once you are notified that you are a Finalist,  following documents should be sent by courier to us to the address given earlier:

  1. Educational Qualifications: Copy of B.Ed degree of teacher or relevant degree
  2. Experience certificate from your institution. This document should be on the letterhead of the institution should include:
  3. </

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