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Panorama-the Multiple Intelligence Challenge 2014

Deadline: Deadline: Always Open13-Jan-2015

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What is Panorama-the Multiple Intelligence Challenge 2014?

PANORAMA is a one of its kind event that provides students an opportunity to showcase their amazing skills in eight intelligence areas. Participate and showcase your skills to the world.

PANORAMA is a free online event that enables students to participate in a global competition from the comforts of their schools or homes. The event has activities that are in line with the Theory of Multiple Intelligences. Every student has an opportunity to submit entries in all the eight intelligence areas. A pool of experts judges all the entries. The entries are also open for voting for teachers, students, parents, enthusiasts and experts. This provides students a great opportunity to display their skill to a bigger audience. 


Last submissions date:            13th January 2015

Results Date:                            1st February 2015

The sooner the students start participating in the competition, the better it is for them as they can get wider recognition. It will ensure that their work reaches more people from across the world. We partner with organizations across the world and have students of different geographies, schools, backgrounds, cultures etc. participating.

Voting and Judging

Each and every entry that is submitted in the competition is open for voting. This is to ensure that people now know the skills of students.

We request you to encourage students that you can reach out to to participate in this event and encourage their amazing skills. Students can register on the website for free. We can help you with registrations. Please feel free to contact us for more details.

Who can apply for this scholarship ?

Super Writer

"Pen is mightier than a sword". Digital age has only increased the power of words. Showcase and improve your writing skills here. There are two topics for the essay writing competition:

  1. My Role Model
  2. My aim in Life

You can write on any of the two topics.

The essay should be clear and concise. You should write the entire essay on your own. You should not copy or take the help of any one. This is a competition that is focused on highlighting the skills of school students across the world.

Application Link

Super Mathematician

Would you like to test your number crunching skills against students from all over the world?

Do you think you are the best when it comes to mathematics?

Join us on this amazing ride of numbers. Give your brain a few workouts.

Application Link

Super Singer: Encouraging the amazing singers

"Music is a moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and charm and gaiety to life and to everything."

A bird doesn't sing because it has an answer, it sings because it has a song; wise words by Lou Holtz.Here are the perfect platform for aspirational singers and talented musicians who are waiting to be discovered. Music, many believe, has the power to melt stones and move oceans. Music brings peace and solace to people. It can motivate and inspire people.

Here is your chance to show the power of Music. You can sing or play an instrument. You need to take a video recording of the same and upload here. 

Application Link 


Super Poet: Poetry- My Best Friend


"When power leads man towards arrogance, poetry reminds him of his limitations. When power narrows the area of man's concern, poetry reminds him of the richness and diversity of existence. When power corrupts, poetry cleanses."

MSB invites amateur poets with a flair for rhythm and rhyme. Submit any poem that you have ever written. Just make sure that you are submitting your original entry.

We are sure you have some very good friends. Write 750 words about your best friend touching upon the following:

  1. Likes and dislikes
  2. Why is he/she special?
  3. Your best moments together
  4. What do you do in free time?

Application Link  

Super Dancer

Dance is the hidden language of the soul. Put on your dancing shoes and sway to your favorite tunes and get "Super Dancer Certificate".

You can take a video recording of your dance performance - at home or during some other competition, and upload it on here. Please upload solo dance videos. Only solo dance videos will be considered for prizes. There is no theme or topic. You can upload a video of either a cultural dance, western or just free style.


Super Painter

Painting is a magical experiment with colors. Give your thoughts a shape with colors and let the world know the potential of the next Leonardo da Vinci. Your paintings will spread more happiness across the world.

Get recognized for your painting ability and win amazing prizes too.

Show your creativity in capturing the nature on your canvas. Paint anything related to the nature and inspire many students from across the world.


Super Team Person: One for all; all for one.

Most of the time, our success in life depends on how well we can work as a team. We give you a group task that you will have to accomplish with three other friends. Four member teams from across the world will compete with you. It is your turn to show them what you are capable of.

Stay tuned for the task. Create your team before it is too late.

The world's greatest achievements were not accomplished by a single person, it was team work that brought some of the greatest things to life. It is extremely important in life to be able to work in teams and deliver the results as a team. If you can imbibe this school from a very young age, you can achieve wonders in your life. 

Do you want to try? 

Form a team of three/ four students and come up with a report on how you can keep your school premises cleaner.


Super Shutter: Photography- Nature invites all budding photographers to enter the MSB Super Shutter contest. By sharing your passion for capturing the magnificent wonders of people, places and nature through your lens, we hope to inspire a global audience to learn about the different facets of people in different places and protect fragile realm of nature.

Upload the best of the photographs taken by you on and win a fantastic Digital Camera and many more exciting prizes

Photography is the art of capturing the moments and providing an opportunity to relive them over and over again. PANORAMA is providing you an opportunity to compete with the students from across the world in this art.

All you have to do is, use a camera, phone, tablet or any other photo-capturing device and take photographs of nature. You can take any photo and upload it. The entry you submit will be open for voting.


How can you apply ?

  • Have you registered yourself on If yes, you rock. If no, register here.
  • Click on the events for more details.
  • Participate on as many events as possible.
  • Once you submit your entry, invite your friends and family to view your entry. Also ask them to support you by clicking on the "Great Job"" button beside your entry
  • The more people like your work the better are your chances of winning the top prizes
  • Get on the leaderboard and get known to people from across the world.


There are two components to the evaluation - Voting and Expert feedback.


Students, Parents, Teachers and Experts from across the world will look at your painting. Each visitor can click on the "Great Job" bu

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