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P. P. Gomathi Memorial Scholarship, 2016

Deadline: 31-Oct-2016

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P. P. Gomathi Memorial Scholarship's main obective is to financially support to one girl at a time, who is good in studies but doesn't have the money. By this scholarship she can fulfill her dream career degree course chosen by the her.


  • Only for girl candidates.
  • She should be a reident of India.
  • Graduaion.
  • Trans-genders also who are living with a female identity.

How to apply?

Application can be done by post only.

More Information

Format of the Application

  1. Name of the applicant in full
  2. Postal Address, E-mail ID and Mobile Number
  3. Gender
  4. Date of birth
  5. Nationality
  6. Details of the Course now joined
  7. Name of the Institution now joined
  8. Details of the qualifying Course
  9. Name of the Institution where qualifying Course was completed
  10. Marks/Grades obtained in the qualifying examination
  11. Approximate financial resources available to the applicant
  12. Details of scholarships/financial aids received earlier
  13. Details of scholarships/financial aids now being availed of


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