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P.M. Foundation Winter Fellowship 2016

Deadline: Deadline: Always Open22-Oct-2016
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What is P.M. Foundation Winter Fellowship 2016?

P.M. Winter Fellowship 2016 objective is to create an environment for class 6 to 8 Kerala students to explore their dreams and to mentor them towards their career path. To help their parents to understand the challenges towards their children personal development, this scholarship is being started.

Who can apply for this scholarship ?

Students of class 6 to 8 are eligible to apply.

How can you apply ?

Application form will be submit on the event day with Rs 100 at the registration desk.

Terms and Conditions

Themes for students:

  • Pathway to happiness:
  1. Happy life planning
  2. Values and happiness
  3. How to impress people around you
  4. Good communication for better understanding
  5. Understanding diversity for service orientation
  6. Personality profile test and Psychometric test
  • Nurturing the dreams:
  1. Dreams and desires
  2. How to dream and how to get out of dreams
  3. Role models
  4. From dreams to goals

Themes for Parents:

  • Parental Mastery
  1. Make home a paradise
  2. Building a burning desire among the young
  3. dentify and emulate creativity
  4. Effective way of inspiration
  5. Parenting v/s Pestering
  • Handling uncomfortable situations
  1. Transition from childhood to adolescence
  2. Concerns and care
  3. Need of intervention
  4. Life skill education
  5. Dichotomy of expectations and realit

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