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OP Jindal Engineer & Management Scholarships 2016

Deadline: Deadline: Always Open29-Aug-2016
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What is OP Jindal Engineer & Management Scholarships 2016?

OP Jindal Engineer & Management Scholarships 2016 are aimed at promoting academic and leadership excellence and are awarded to meritorious students who emulate the vision and values of Shri O. P. Jindal and have the potential to become leaders in entrepreneurial excellence and innovation. Every year, 100 students from 40 premier engineering and management institutions are awarded. In last 5 years, more than 500 students have been awarded with this coveted scholarship.

Who can apply for this scholarship ?

First three Toppers of 2nd, 3rd and 4th year based on the academic performance in the previous years (CGPA) of the following streams are eligible:

  • Civil Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Metallurgical Engineering

First 10 toppers of 2nd year are eligible based on the academic performance in the first year of regular PGDM/ MBA

How can you apply ?

Application can be done online only.


What are the different types of scholarships?
The scholarships are of two types:
INR 1,50,000 for each (Management student)
INR 80,000 for each (Engineering student)

How many people would I be competing against while applying for OPJEMS?
24 Engineering and 16 Management Institutes are invited to participate in the scholarship process.

Engineering Institutes
Each academic year’s top 3 students (based on academic performance in the previous years CGPA) from 2nd, 3rd, and 4th year batch of Bachelors in Civil, Mechanical, Electrical and Metallurgy will be eligible

Management Institutes
First 10 toppers from 2nd year batch of PGDBM/MBA will be eligible.

How does OPJEMS identify students eligible for the scholarship?
There is a three step process:
Step A: Students will be shortlisted based on the eligibility criteria.
Step B: Eligible students will take an online test.
Step C: Shortlisted students from Step B shall appear for a personal interview.

How many students will be awarded?
100 scholarships shall be awarded.

What is the duration / tenure of the scholarship process?
The selection process will start in August 2016. The entire selection process will be completed by October 15,2016 and the students will be notified by October 30, 2016

Can I defer my scholarship?
There is no scheme of deferring scholarship. All payments shall be made by RTGS transfer/Cheque drawn in favour of student. The medal and appreciation letter shall be awarded in a felicitation ceremony to be held before 30th November, 2015

Would I be required to sign any long term bonds (e.g. taking up a job with Jindal Group after graduation) if I accept the scholarship?
No. There are no bonds to be signed in order to accept the scholarship.

If at present, I am already holding some other scholarship, would I still be eligible for OPJEMS?
The process does not believe in disqualifying any student on the grounds that he has proved her/his merit before. So yes, a student already holding another scholarship can compete for OPJEMS provided she/he meets the criterion.

Is financial need of a student also taken into account while deciding on award of the scholarship?
No, OPJEMS is a scholarship that is awarded purely on the basis of merit and a financial need is not taken into account in any of the decisions.

Terms and Conditions

Process of Selection

Stage 1 – Online Test

PART A: Behavioural Test to determine your leadership competencies.

PART B: General Awareness Test about O.P. Jindal Group (based only on information available on websites of respective companies of O.P. Jindal Group).

Test date and duration:

The duration of the test is 1 hour and will be held on September 08th/09th, 2016 at your campus.


Technical Support will be provided during the online test. In case any student faces difficulty in undertaking the test due to server problem or any other IT challenges, the invigilator shall give her/ him the option of completing the test in a paper-pencil format.


The result of Stage 1 shall be published by September 15th, 2016.

Stage 2 – Personal Interview

The shortlisted students from Stage 1 will be interviewed by a panel from various Industries. Interviews shall be conducted in-person at four locations i.e. Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Bangalore based on the proximity from the institute.

Date of Interview:

September 28th - 30th, 2016


October 15th, 2016


  • In case the student is unable to appear in the test due to medical/ any other valid exigency, he/she would be provided with another opportunity on September 09th, 2015 only with prior intimation and permission of concerned Authorities.
  • The time/ date allotted for the test and the interview will be final.
  • Final selection of Scholars will be made by considering both leadership behaviours (Stage 1: Online test) and personality factors (Stage 2: Interview) with a 50:50 weightage.

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