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Nirankari Rajmata Scholarship Scheme 2016

Deadline: Deadline: Always Open30-Sep-2016
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AwardComplete tuition fee for one year
EligibilityMedicine, engineering, MBA /PGDM, architecture, CFA, CA, LLB
RegionAll India
Scholarship provider contact details


Sant Nirankari Charitable Foundation (Regd.)
First Floor, Sant Nirankari Administrative Block
Nirankari Complex, Nirankari Chowk, Burari Road, Delhi-110 009
(Education Department)

Phone: 91-11-47660200, 211
Mobile: 9891354010, 9266629842
Fax: 91-011-47660300

What is Nirankari Rajmata Scholarship Scheme 2016?

Sant Nirankari Charitable Foundation launched Nirankari Rajmata Scholarship Scheme to provide financial assistance to meritorious but financially weaker students to enable them to pursue Professional and Technical Courses at Graduate and Post-Graduate levels to excel in their life.

Who can apply for this scholarship ?

The financial assistance to be offered to an applicant will depend on the requirement and capability of the student to pursue the relevant course. The applicant must have the offer of admission in hand in any of the following disciplines in the Institutions/Colleges recognized by the State/Central Government and have secured not less than 95% marks in Class XII of the examination :-

  • Graduate Degree in Medicine in Allopathic and/or Ayurvedic and/or Homeopathic.
  • Graduate Degree in any discipline of Engineering.
  • MBA / PGDM.
  • Architecture.
  • Chartered Accountancy after securing a minimum of 95% marks in class XII and qualifying CPT conducted by Institutions of Chartered Accountants of India.
  • CFA after securing a minimum of 95% marks in Class XII and qualifying   Foundation Test.
  • LLB after securing a minimum of 95% marks in Class XII and passing Entrance Test for LLB or after qualifying Degree Exams.

How can you apply ?

Application can be done by post only.


What is Sant Nirankari Charitable Foundation (SNCF)?
Sant Nirankari Charitable Foundation (SNCF) is an organization with socio-charitable activities as its primary objective and selfless service of humanity as its pivotal philosophy. The Foundation has been formed to effectively implement the broad vision of Sant Nirankari Mission; the vision of reaching out to more and more people and around the world, and touching their lives with love, care and kindness, bringing smiles on every face. At SNCF, we view social upliftment as our moral responsibility and not as any favour to the society. The Foundation endeavours to Heal, Enrich and Empower the underprivileged and needy sections of the society, with the ideology of oneness at the core.

How is SNCF Different from Sant Nirankari Mission (SNM)?
SNCF is an integral part of SNM. It is a wing of SNM dealing specifically with socio-welfare activites,

What are the activities that SNCF engages in and how are they different from that of SNM?
SNCF organizes and manages all socio-welfare and charitable activities such as cleanliness drive, tree plantation, blood donation camps, disaster management. whereas all spiritual activities are conducted by SNM.

How many centers does SNCF have?
SNCF has approx 1000 centers in India.

Does SNCF have a global presence?

How can I get involved with SNCF?
Be a Volunteer: Service to mankind is the path to reach God. With the principal commitment to spiritual awakening, the Nirankari Mission participates in several social-welfare activities to implement the message of Nirankari Babaji, “Life gets a meaning, if it is lived for others”. Join us in our global efforts of socio-welfare by neing a part of our activities such as blood donation, tree plantation, cleanliness drive, disaster relief etc. Donation to SNCF: We are all aware that financial resources are crucial in carrying out mammoth tasks of human welfare. It should thus, be a duty of every individual to contribute for such a pious endeavour. The contributions made to The Sant Nirankari Charitable Foundation carry Tax Exemption u/s 80 G (5)(vi) of the Indian Income Tax Act. Everyone can contribute for this noble cause, enabling a more equitable, healthier and happier life for everyone in the world. All donations in the form of the Bank Drafts and Cheques can be drawn in favour of ‘Sant Nirankari Charitable Foundation’, payable at Delhi, and sent along with complete address and PAN No. of the contributor, to the Secretary, Sant Nirankari Charitable Foundation, Administrative Block, Nirankari Complex, Delhi-9.

Can I donate to a specific social cause?
Yes. You may choose to donate to any of the following causes: HEAL, ENRICH or EMPOWER.

What are the tax benefits I can avail by contributing to SNCF?
The contributions made to The Sant Nirankari Charitable Foundation carry Tax Exemption u/s 80 G (5)(vi) of the Indian Income Tax Act.

Can NRIs donate to SNCF?
Yes Foreign donor can donate to SNCF. (Foreign Contribution Regulation Act No. is 231661570)

How can a corporate organization participate?
Corporate agendas and time constraint do not allow companies to physically feed the sick and hungry. But through philanthropy, they can certainly make a difference by providing much needed financial support to the Charitable organizations engaged in carrying out these and many other such activities. This will meet their sacred responsibility towards humanity. Other than that Corporates can participate by being a sponsor for any of our events/activities.

Terms and Conditions


  1. Duly filled-in application form with all the requisite documents should be submitted to the Member Incharge, Education Department, Sant Nirankari Charitable Foundation on or before the closing date for submission of applications viz September 30, 2016. No application will be received after this date. The list of applicants who have been approved for financial assistance by the Competent Authority under this scheme shall be notified on the Website of SNCF by 31.10.2016. Till then, no query or reminder please.
  2. No column of the form should be left blank.
  3. The Education Department, shall submit annual requirement of funds to Sant Nirankari Charitable Foundation. After approval of the same, the Education Committee will pick up the most deserving candidates within the sanctioned budget every year. Cheques to successful candidates will be distributed by 31.12.2016.


(a)    The applicants and their guardians may be called to appear before the Education Committee as per the schedule and venue notified on the website of Sant Nirankari Charitable Foundation.

  • The applicant, if so required will have to produce the documents in original based on which the eligibility for claim of financial assistance is made.
  • If so, the applicant should also carry a self-attested copy of all the documents based on which the eligibility and the request for grant of financial assistance is made.

(b)   The applicants and their parents, who do not appear before the committee on scheduled date and time, will forfeit their claim of financial assistance. No request for personal appearance before committee will be considered after the scheduled date except those who have obtained prior approval from the Member Incharge, Education Department, Sant Nirankari Charitable Foundation due to exigencies, if any.

(c)    The list of applicants who have been approved for financial assistance by the Competent Authority under this scheme shall be notified on the Website of SNCF.

(d)   All the applicants, who apply under this scheme, are advised to access the website on regular intervals for updates.

Documents Required for Grant of Scholarship for 2nd Year Students

For grant of Scholarship under Nirankari Rajmata Scholarship Scheme to those students who have already been granted scholarship for 1st year, for pursuing 2nd year of the course, following documents are required to be provided:-

  1. Copy of sanctioned/disbursement letter already issued by Education Department, Sant Nirankari Charitable Foundation
  2. Last year’s marks sheet after Class XII for both the semesters,
  3. A NOC from the institution stating that
    • the candidate has not been granted scholarship under any other scheme of other private organization or religious or spiritual organization or Government authorities
    • the candidate has not taken admission through Management Quota or any other Quota,
    • no disciplinary action has been initiated/taken against the candidate during the duration of the course.
    • details of fee like tuition fee, development charges, Library fee, books, etc.
    • The certificate stating that the family income from all sources is not more than Rs. 3.50 lakhs per annum 

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