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Navtej Kohli Scholarship 2015

Deadline: Deadline: Always Open01-Jul-2015
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AwardRs. 1 Lakh annually
EligibilityFirst class degree in B.Tech, BE or BCA.
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What is Navtej Kohli Scholarship 2015?

The Navtej Kohli Scholarship program owes its origin to the remarkable vision of Sh. P. Kohli, a freedom fighter and visionary who passed away on October17, 1975, leaving behind his fifteen year old son, Navtej Kohli, to live his dream of improving our society by funding the cost of higher studies for the deprived yet deserving strata of the students in India.

To realize the dream that his father envisioned, Mr. Kohli began “Navtej Kohli Scholarship” program in 2011 to assist the deserving and bright students in pursuing their masters degree education.

Navtej Kohli scholarship is offering financial assistance of Rs. 1 Lakh to one outstanding student, beginning 2015. This program is open to those wishing to pursue their higher education in engineering. For the first year, Delhi will have one scholarship every year. By 2015, we are planning to increase the number of scholarships to 5 students per year, and will gradually expand the program to other states of India.

Who can apply for this scholarship ?

1. The Scholarship is open to students in the region of Delhi.

2. Candidates must be of such an age that they will have passed their 22nd and not have passed their 28th birthday on the 1st October 2015.

3. Candidates must have a first class degree in B.Tech, BE or BCA an accredited college. Candidates who are in their final year of a degree course may also apply, however, selection will be conditional based on final year results.

How can you apply ?

Follow these steps to apply for Navtej Kohli Scholarship 2015 Program

Step 1: Download the application form

Step 2 : Fill up all the fields in the application form accurately

Step 3 : Send the filled out application form to E-mail:

The application form is available at document section


1. What is Navtej Kohli Scholarship?

A. Navtej Kohli scholarship is offering financial assistance of Rs. 1 Lakh to one outstanding student, beginning 2015. This program is open to those wishing to pursue their higher education in engineering disciplines.

2. I am a non-technical graduate, Am I eligible for the scholarship?

A. Only technical graduates with bachelor's degree in engineering, computer science, computer engineering can apply.

3. Are outside Delhi students eligible to apply?

A. For now, scholarship is open to students in the region of Delhi only.

4. How much money does the scholarship award?

A. The scholarship will cover the cost of Rs. 1 Lakh annually

5. How can i apply?

A. To apply simply download the application form, fill and send it to us at xyz. You can also email us the filled form at

6. If I get the scholarship, how am I intimated?

A. Official letter will be mailed to the recipient at his residence address.

7. How are the scholarship applications assessed?

The assessment of applications will be based on several parameters including income, educational disadvantage, family dependency, disability, and academic merit among others. All the applications will be weighed on these factors and the most needy yet most deserving student will be granted the scholarship. For that reason, application form must be filled out accurately.



Terms and Conditions

Technology paves the way to a better future. With a firm belief in this statement, Navtej Kohli Scholarship program extends a helping hand to those students who need financial assistance in completing their higher education.

The Navtej Kohli Scholarship gives one needy yet deserving student an opportunity to pursue his/her career goals by attaining a masters degree, thereby enabling that student to realize a dream that, under normal circumstances, would be very hard to achieve.

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