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Lorenzo Natali Media Prize 2017

Deadline: Deadline: Always Open10-Mar-2017
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What is Lorenzo Natali Media Prize 2017?

Lorenzo Natali Media Prize 2017 aim is to provide an opportunity to the professional and amateur journalists and 12 journalists will be awarded 5000 euros to 1 amateur and 1 professional journalist from each region: Africa, the Arab World and the Middle East, Asia and the Pacific, Latin America and the Caribbean, and Europe. Also, award an additional 5000 euros as a grand prize to one of the winners. All the journalists have to upload their own original journalistic work—either individually or for jointly authored or produced items, as a group. A piece can be submitted together with up to ten associated participants and the work must have been published between 11 March 2016 and 11 March 2017.

Who can apply for this scholarship ?

Professional journalist:

  • Should hold a valid press card (national press card, or press card issued by the International Federation of Journalists).
  • Journalism must be their main source of income.
  • Member of a journalism trade union.

Amateur journalist:

  • Do not comply with the above criteria to enter as professional journalists.
  • In the event of an applicant submitting their work using an incorrect category-journalist type (amateur work that qualifies as professional and vice-versa), theme or region-the entry may be switched at the discretion of the Lorenzo Natali Media Prize’s Secretariat.

How can you apply ?

Application can be done online with the following steps:
Step 1:
Fill the application form.
Step 2: Select the journalist category and upload.
Step 3: Select the theme.
Step 4: Upload the documents.
Step 5: Submit.

Terms and Conditions

Themes on which you would like to submit your entry:

  • Development and Poverty Eradication
  • Freedom of Religion or Belief outside the EU

Date of publication: 
The work must have been published between 11 March 2016 and 11 March 2017.


  • Winners will be announced during an Award ceremony during the European Development Days in June 2017 in Brussels. There will be up to 12 winners-10 winners for the development and poverty eradication theme (5 amateurs and 5 professionals) as well as 2 winners for the special prize on freedom of religion or belief. The 12 winners will receive a trophy and prize of 5000 euros. One of the 12 winners will also be awarded a Grand Prize for the best piece of journalism. The Grand Prize winner will receive in addition a trophy and 5000 euros.
  • The European Commission will cover the cost of the winners travel to Brussels for the Award ceremony. The winners are responsible for paying any and all taxes due on prize money awarded.
  • Only one item or one extract from a series of journalistic works (i.e. one article or one radio/TV piece) can be entered. Submission of more than one entry to the Lorenzo Natali Media Prize will result in the disqualification of the journalist and all his/her entries.
  • Written stories (article, online piece, or blog) should be a maximum of 1000 words. There is no minimum length requirement.
  • Audio-visual work (TV and radio) should not be longer than 10 minutes. If the size of the audio-visual work exceeds the upload capacity of the application form, please share a link to the piece on YouTube or another platform.

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