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Lady Tata Memorial Trust Junior Research Scholarship 2016-17

Deadline: Deadline: Always Open15-Jan-2016
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AwardRs.25,000/- p.m for 5 years and Contingency Grant of Rs.30,000/- p.a
EligibilityPG in M.B.B.S or M.Sc in Science. Applicants with GATE / NET qualifications may be given preference.
Scholarship provider contact details

India Office:

Bombay House
24, Homi Mody Street
Mumbai - 400 001
Tel: +91 - 22 - 6665 7697
Mr. Rohan Dhanrao
Program Officer

Main Office:

Professor D Catovsky or Professor B J Bain,
c/o Mr F. Parekh, 
Tata Limited, 
18 Grosvenor Place, 
Telephone: Tata Trust: 020 7235 8281

What is Lady Tata Memorial Trust Junior Research Scholarship 2016-17?

The Junior Scholarship is tenable in the first instance for a period of two years commencing from August each year. On completion of two years, and on assessment by the 3-member Doctoral Committee of the scholar's institute on the progress of work done, the awardee has to re-appear for an interview before the Trust's Indian Scientific Advisory Committee for promotion to Senior Scholarship for a further period of three years, subject to satisfactory progress as reflected in the annual progress reports submitted to the Trust.

The applicant must have post-graduate qualification in Science (M.Sc.) and should strictly have first class academics (60% and above) from Class X up to date. Candidates with GATE / NET qualifications will be given preference. 

The value of the Junior Scholarship is Rs.25,000/- per month + HRA (as applicable) & annual contingency.The scholarship amount will be upgraded on promotion to Senior Scholarship.

Who can apply for this scholarship ?

  1. Applicants who have completed their M.B.B.S. / M.Sc. graduation in 2014 and 2015 should only apply for the academic year 2016-17 for the JR award.
  2. Age must be 27 or less than 27 years.

How can you apply ?

A money order of Rs 100/- being processing fee (non-Refundable) per application should be forwarded in favour of the Lady Tata Memorial trust and the original Postal Receipt of the same should be scanned and submitted with the Online application form. Any application received without the scanned money order receipt, or forwarded through any other mode of payment, will be rejected without further correspondance with the applicant.

The Address for correspondance will be:
Bombay House
2nd Floor,
24 Homi Mody Street,
Fort, Mumbai

Terms and Conditions

Applications are invited from Indian Nationals, from select Universities / Institutes / Laboratories, and strictly with first class academics (60% and above) from Class X up to date for the award of Junior Research Scholarship for the year 2016-2017 for scientific investigations having a bearing directly or indirectly on the alleviation of human suffering from disease.


Subject selected for research work must have a bearing directly or indirectly on the alleviation of human suffering from disease.

(a) Selected scholars must undertake to work whole time and will be debarred from private practice or taking up any other occupation or accepting any other scholarship award or post of any description during the tenure of the scholarship award of the Trust. The scholar will also not be allowed, except for very exceptional reasons, at the sole discretion of the Trust, to abandon the research work in the middle of the academic year as this defeats the very purpose for which the Trust awards scholarships. The applicant must give an undertaking to this effect in the application itself.

(b) A selected scholar, if after having accepted our Award, abandons the research work before completing it or relinquishes the scholarship in the middle of an academic year on the ground that he / she has been offered an award of a higher value by another funding agency / organisation, or has secured alternate employment, he / she will be called upon to refund the entire scholarship amount, inclusive of house rent allowance / contingency expenditure and the concerned university / institute will not be considered for the Trust awards for the next two academic years.  A Bond will have to be executed to this effect by the selected scholar, and countersigned by the concerned guide at the time of accepting our scholarship award. 

(c) Applicant must pay particular attention to the above requirements as sought in the online submission. As complete information as possible should be given regarding the proposed research under the various heads indicated in the submission and also full reference must be given as sought. The problem must be carefully selected and isolated so that it can be adequately dealt with during the period of the scholarship.  The scientific information so presented will help to determine whether or not the applicant should be called for an interview.

(d) In giving the particulars of published papers and articles, the applicant should state references by numbers. In the list of references at the end of the text, full references should be given corresponding to the number quoted in the text as follows :

i)    Give names of all the authors when six or less, if seven or more,
       give only the first three and add et al.
ii)    Full title of the paper.
iii)   Name of the Journal from which the reference is quoted.
iv)   Year of publication.
v)    Volume, and
vi)   Page numbers (first and last). 

Please note that :-

i) references are not to be quoted if the Applicant has not fully studied the original text of the article, and

ii) If the references are not quoted in the manner described above, the application will not be considered.

The applicant MUST submit / support the application with a letter through the Registrar of the University / Director of a recognised Research Institute or Laboratory where he / she proposes to work.   Application will be rejected if this requirement is not met.  The application must be supported by :

a) A letter jointly signed by the Registrar / Director and the Head of the Department concerned stating that they have critically examined the details of the proposed research work, that they have approved of the general plan, that the university / institute has adequate laboratory facilities and that they will provide these facilities to the applicant for his / her research work. The letter should give the name and designation of the person who will act as Guide to the applicant.

b) A letter from the Supervisor / Research Guide, giving his / her consent, to provide necessary guidance to the applicant and to supervise his / her research work.

c) A joint letter from the three Members of the Doctoral Committee agreeing to assess and submit the annual research progress reports of the work done by the Scholar as sought by the Trust 

d) Applicant must obtain a separate letter from the Head of the Department or the Research Guide giving comments on past research experience and on the competence of the applicant to carry out the proposed research work.

5. The on-line application should be submitted on not later than 15th January 2016.

6. The interview call letters will be forwarded to short-listed applicants by the end of June 2016, personal interview will be held in mid-July 2015 and the names of the selected applicants, based on their performance at the interview, will be announced in early August 2016 and the selected scholars and their Supervisor / Research Guide will be intimated about the same immediately thereafter.  Selected scholars will be required to report to the respective Supervisor / Research Guide immediately on announcement of the award

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