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Istituto Superiore di Design- Masters Scholarships 2017


  • Eligibility: Graduates
  • Benefits: Up-to 50% of tuition fees


Istituto Superiore di Design (ISD) invites applicants for the academic year 2017-18 for partial scholarships covering up-to 50% of tuition fees, distributed among the various programmes.


Phone:+39 081 44 04 95 Email:


Eligibility criteria

  • Students on their final year of high school/degree can apply for the scholarship and the assignment of it will be subordinated to the achievement of the diploma/ degree before the start of the chosen course.
  • The application for the scholarship master programmes are also open to those not holding a Bachelor’s Degree, that is if they have a significant working experience in the area of interest.
  • The Evaluation Committee will consider the following criteria in evaluating the applicants:
    • Curriculum of studies or working experiences
    • Portfolio
    • Motivational letter of the candidate


Step 1- Download a copy of scholarship request form duly filled in and signed

Step 2- Prepare a document containing curriculum vitae and details of studies

Step 3-  Create a portfolio containing a selection of student’s works (compulsory for the Master Courses)

Step 4-  Draft a motivational letter

Step 5-  Get a copy of your passport, Bachelor Degree/post-secondary level Diploma for Master programmes or High-school diploma for Intensive programmes.

Step 6- Send all the above documents to

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