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Israel-Asia Leaders Fellowship 2017-18

Deadline: Deadline: Always Open14-Jul-2017
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AwardCost of the program will be covered
EligibilityGraduate/post graduates
Scholarship provider contact details

Head office, JVP Media Quarter, 24 Derech Hevron, Jerusalem, 93542, Israel; Tel Aviv Office: TechCode, Bachar Building, 22 Rothschild Boulevard / 35 Lilienblum St, Tel Aviv, Israel, Email:

What is Israel-Asia Leaders Fellowship 2017-18?

Israel-Asia Leaders Fellowship 2017-18 is an 8-month fellowship program focused on building future leaders in Israel-Asia relations. The program is funded by donors and corporate sponsors and the cost is an acceptance fee of $350. The fellows have to develop a practical project that promotes Israel-Asia relations in their chosen fields to expand network and knowledge of operating in Israel. This program is part-time, designed to supplement students’ existing university study programs in Israel.

Who can apply for this scholarship ?

  • Candidates should be enrolled or wish to enroll in a program of higher education in Israel
  • Spoken and written English is a must
  • Passion for promoting Israel-Asia relations
  • Have good leadership skills
  • Adapted to new challenges

How can you apply ?

The application can be done online only with the following steps:

Step 1: Click here to apply online.

Step 2: Candidates have to give their personal information.

Step 3: Candidates have to write answers to 8 questions.

Step 4: Candidates have to upload their latest CV.

Step 5: Scanned copy of passport.

Step 6: Scan and upload a clear photo.

Step 7: Upload a sample of English writing (not mandatory).

Step 8: Two reference names with their details.

Step 9: Click check to agree with terms and conditions.

Step 10: Now, click submit.


Q. What is the application procedure?
Applications open on May 7, 2017 and close on July 14, 2017. Selection will be based on the applications selection round followed by an interview. Candidates who are already in Israel will be interviewed in person. Candidates who are not yet in Israel will be interviewed over Skype. The final selection of candidates will be made in August 2017.  Unsuccessful applicants will be notified by email.

Q. What is the time commitment involved in the fellowship?
October – January: Mandatory fellowship activities are held two-three Sundays a month. Additional optional activities are coordinated for the fellows during the year which are not mandatory. Fellowship activities will not be scheduled during students’ university exam periods.
February – June: Each fellow is required to develop a project during the year that promotes Israel-Asia relations in their field of choice. This time should be dedicated to developing that project. There will be additional meetings taking place on some Sundays (approx. once a month). A final event will be held at the end of the program.

Q. Do you provide accommodation as part of the fellowship?
No. This is a part-time fellowship for students already enrolled on a program of higher education in Israel. Accommodation should be arranged via your university or college.

Q. I applied last year but wasn’t successful. Can I re-apply?
Yes. Due to the large number of applications we received last year, regrettably we were unable to accept many good applicants onto the program. If you applied last year or in a previous year but your application was unsuccessful, we welcome you to apply again this year.

Q. What kind of program do I need to be studying in Israel to be eligible for the Fellowship?
Students applying for the Israel-Asia Leaders Fellowship should be studying on a program of higher education in Israel during the duration of the fellowship (meaning at least 2 semesters: Fall Semester 2017 and Spring Semester 2018), and have a valid student visa for this time. Programs could include but are not limited to:

  • Bachelors programs
  • Graduate Programs
  • Exchange Programs
  • Special 1-year programs
  • PhD and Post-doctorate programs

Q. What language will be program be conducted in?
The program is conducted in English. Candidates should have an excellent command of spoken English, and be able to communicate at a high level.

Q. When does the program begin?
The program begins with a two-day orientation, October 9-10, 2017, in Jerusalem. Participation is mandatory for all fellows. Fellows must make sure to arrive in Israel no later than October 8, 2017. Overnight accommodation in Jerusalem will be provided for those traveling from outside the city.

Terms and Conditions

The session of the fellowship starts with a two-day orientation program (October 9-10, 2017), in Jerusalem. Every fellow must have to participate in this orientation program, make sure to arrive in Israel before October 9, 2017. Accommodation in Jerusalem will be provided for outsiders.

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