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International Stallion Scholarships 2017 - North American University, USA

Deadline: Deadline: Always Open01-Aug-2017
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What is International Stallion Scholarships 2017 - North American University, USA?

The North American University, USA invites applications from all undergraduates internationally for merit-based International Stallion Scholarships 2017. Full-time students (12 credits or more per semester) may qualify for this scholarship.

Who can apply for this scholarship ?

The students fulfilling the following eligibility conditions can apply for International Stallion Scholarship 2017 -

  • Must have achieved STA 1000 or 21 ACT or any other noteworthy achievement approved by scholarship committees such as ISWEEP Honorable/Participation recipient or Top 10% of the National exam. 
  • International Transfer students with a 2.20 CTGPA & 30 credits


How can you apply ?

The eligible students can apply online by adopting below given steps - 
Step 1: Visit the official scholarship page of North American University. 
Step 2: Click on "Scholarship Application" and download the scholarship application form from here
Step 3: Fill in all necessary information. 
Step 4: Final submit the application form along with all essential documents. 

Terms and Conditions


  • Scholarships may not be applicable for summer school and for part-time students. If you do not maintain the required credit hours for the duration of the semester, the entire award may be canceled and you will be responsible for paying all tuition charges and late fees.
  • The amount shall be applied directly against the recipient’s educational expenses at a rate of 50% for the fall semester and 50% for the spring semester.
  • Recipients must be enrolled as a regular full-time student at NAU, taking and maintaining at least 12 credit hours each semester in the current academic year. This excludes their last semester (in preparation for graduation), in which scholarship amounts will be given on a pro-rated basis.
  • The recipient shall maintain the highest standard of conduct on and off campus. Students facing disciplinary action and/or on probation may be asked to get approval from the NAU Scholarship Committee before the renewal of their scholarship.
  • Students should inform the Financial Aid Office of their intent to leave NAU (temporarily or permanently) by the appropriate deadline for fall/winter of the next academic year to be considered for the following academic year.
  • Students receiving financial aid are encouraged to see their Financial Aid and Academic Advisor during the fall and spring semesters each year to check their academic status and their satisfactory academic progress.
  • Scholarship recipients must maintain at least a 2.0 CGPA and have attempted 24 credit hours each academic year in order to renew and receive even the lowest amount of institutional scholarship. If a student does not meet these requirements, they are subject to receiving no institutional scholarship. Scholarship reinstatement would be contingent on NAU Scholarship Committee approval. 

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