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Deadline: Deadline: Always Open01-Oct-2015
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AwardAirfare, Maintenance expenses, Funds for buying material and books
EligibilityPhD in Humanities, Social Science
RegionAll India
Scholarship provider contact details

86/87 Atlanta,

Nariman Point,

Mumbai 400 021

Tel: 0091-22-22884351


Inlaks Shivdasani Foundation invites applications for the selection of Inlaks Research Travel Grants in 2015. The deadline for receiving applications for the grants is October 1st , 2015.

The Inlaks Shivdasani Foundation has been supporting innovative work in research and scholarship for more than three decades. The ‘Inlaks Research Travel Grant’ is geared to assist registered PhD. students of Indian universities to undertake short-term visits to universities abroad to collect material, use facilities and consult experts.

Who can apply for this scholarship ?


  The applicants must 

  1. hold confirmed PhD registration for at least two years but for not more than four years
  2. have a first class degree at either Bachelor’s (Honours) or Master’s level, preferably both.
  3. be under 35 years of age on 31 December in the year of applying.

Humanities and Social Sciences

How can you apply ?

  • Fully filled form for ‘Inlaks Research Travel Grant’. The forms may be downloaded from the Inlaks Shivdasani Foundation website:
  • Sample of written work (3000-5000 words) on the subject of the candidate’s research. This should preferably be a draft (with full annotation and documentation) of a chapter of the PhD thesis along with details regarding the reading list, surveys, or any other work done towards the thesis.
  • Evidence of having communicated with concerned persons or institutions abroad and having received a positive response.
  • A written and signed statement from the applicant’s supervisor stating:
    • The candidate’s ability, focus and progress in the work done under her/his supervision

    • The candidate’s need to go abroad

    • That the funds for the visit cannot be obtained from any other source

  • The fully filled in forms and other enclosures must be sent by post to the following address: 86/87 Atlanta, Nariman Point, Mumbai 400 021


About Scholarships abroad

Q1.What is the age limit for the scholarship abroad?
Ans. Candidates must be below 30 years of age on the first of July in the year of application.

Q 2. How can one collect the application form?
Ans. Application forms can be downloaded from our website ( or can be obtained by writing to Inlaks Shivdasani Foundation, C/o Inlaks India Foundation , 86/87 Atlanta. Nariman Point, Mumbai 400021 along with a Rs. 10/- stamped self addressed envelope.


Q3. What is the last date of collection and submission of application forms?
Ans. The last date of collection and submission of application forms is April 15th every year.


Q4. Are only typed application forms to be submitted or they can be handwritten also. Can one apply online also?
Ans. The application form should be preferably typed currently there is no provision for submission of online applications.


Q5. Which universities/institutions are covered for the Inlaks scholarships?
Ans. All Top American, European and UK institutions are covered for the Inlaks scholarships abroad. In addition, the Foundation is open to any kind of special projects outside the traditional University set up.


Q6. Is the scholarship applicable for Undergraduate courses also?
Ans. The applicants are expected to have finished their 1st degree (B.A., B.Sc. etc) before applying for the scholarships. Most Inlaks awardees take up graduate studies abroad. Foundation has no bar on the kind or level of degree a candidate wishes to pursue.


Q.7. How and when are the short-listed candidates for interviews informed and are the rejected candidates are also informed?
Ans. The short-listed candidates are informed about the interviews in the first week of May through e-mails and the candidates who do not receive any communication by 1st of June must assume that their applications have not been successful.


Q8. Can the interviews be held by telephone or through video-conference, in case the candidates are not in station?
Ans. Shortlisted candidates are required to attend the personal interviews. There are no provisions for interviews through telephone or video-conference. If the short-listed candidate is not able to attend the interview, his/her case may be considered in absentia, in exceptional cases.


Q9. What are the documents to be brought at the time of interview?
Ans. At the time of final interview following documents are required:
1. Photocopy of undergraduate degree and any later degree
2. A copy of admission letter
3. Statement of Fees
4. Any fee concession/waiver of any other source of funding 
5. Letters from referees

Q10. Are the candidates given travel fare and accommodation for the Scholarship Interviews?
Ans. No. The candidates have to arrange for their travel and accommodation on their own.

Q11. Why have the scholarships for Management, Engineering, Computer Science and Master in Public Health been discontinued?
Ans. It has been felt that there are now many other funding opportunities available in the above mentioned areas. Besides bank loans on easy terms are easily available. The Foundation has therefore decided to concentrate more on those courses where there is relatively less support available.


Q 12. Are the candidates whose course have already started before the interviews

Ans. The foundation normally does not entertain applicants who have already begun their studies abroad.


Q13. What about those candidates who have not yet got firm letter of admission from Universities they have sought admission to by the deadline of April 15.?
Ans. The Foundation needs clear evidence of admission before it can process the application. However, if the final letter of admission takes a bit longer, some definite evidence of acceptance is necessary.

After Scholarship is granted

Q1. What does the scholarship cover?
Ans. The scholarship abroad covers full tution fee, one way airfare and maintenance allowance.


Q2. Are there any conditions applied for the scholarships?
Ans. No condition is applied for the scholarships.

Scholarships in India

Q1. What are the scholarships given in India ?
Ans. The Foundation gives the following scholarships/ awards in India:
1. Inlaks award of excellence at IIT’s
2. Inlaks Fine Arts award
3. Inlaks Music award
4. Inlaks Sports award
5. Inlaks Take-off Grants
6. Inlaks Theatre award
7. Inlaks Awards at FTII

Q2. Are loans also available for studies/training in India?
Ans. No. The Foundation does not have any provision for loans.

Q3. Is there any specific format of applications?
Ans. There is no specific format of application, you can apply along with your resume and support documents giving details of your intended study/project/proposal.

Terms and Conditions


The ‘Inlaks Research Travel Grant’ offers financial support for a maximum of 3 months at a university/institution/library abroad. The Grant will cover: 

  • Reasonable air fare
  • Maintenance expenses at a modest rate
  • Funds for buying material and books, and making copies of relevant literature.



  • Any material collected by the selected candidates (books, copies, instruments etc.) must become the property of the candidate’s institution for wider use by future scholars.

  • All this material must carry a statement regarding the support received from the Inlaks Research Travel Grants
  • The grants must be utilized within nine months of the date of award.
  • The students must furnish vouchers/evidence for major expenses like lodging, library fees, buying books, etc.


The candidates will be expected to go through a two-tier selection procedure.

  • First round short-listing on the basis of the written record submitted by the candidate.
  • Second and final round: Personal interview of the short-listed candidates.

NOTE: The candidates short-listed for the interview will be informed by November 2015. The final interviews will be held either November or December 2015. 

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