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India Handloom Garment Design Contest 2016

Deadline: Deadline: Always Open16-May-2016
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AwardCash prize of Rs 10, 000 to Rs 30,000 and a Citation
EligibilityWeaver above 18 years
RegionAll India
Scholarship provider contact details

Development Commissioner (Handlooms)
Room No. 55 
Ministry of Textiles (Government of India) 
Udyog Bhawan
New Delhi - 110011 

Ph: 011-23062945, 23063684
Fax: 011 – 23062429

Secretary Textiles Committee
Ministry of Textiles (Government of India)
P Balu Road,
Mumbai – 400025

Ph: 022-66527507, 66527506
Fax: 022-66527509
Email: \
India Handloom Brand Cell
Weavers' Service Centre
Office of the Development Commissioner For Handlooms
Weavers Colony, Bharat Nagar
Ph: 011-27303793
Fax: 011-27307560

What is India Handloom Garment Design Contest 2016?

India Handloom Garment Design Contest

The “India Handloom” Brand was launched by the Hon’ble Prime Minister of India on the occasion of first handloom day on 07.08.15 to endorse the quality of the products in terms of raw material, processing, weaving and other parameters besides social and environmental compliances for earning the trust of the customers. The “India Handloom” brand would be given only to high quality defect free authentic handloom products for catering to the needs of those consumers who are looking for niche handmade products. The “India Handloom” Brand is aimed at generating a special market space and increased earnings to the weavers. Thus the concept of “India Handloom” is to brand the handloom products, which are exclusively catering to the “quality”, need of the socio-environmentally conscious consumer. 


The competition is being held with the objective to attract young talent for designing contemporary life-style and apparel products underlying the richness of traditional crafts in India. The competition aims at value addition to the existing handloom fabrics, evolving afresh visual vocabulary through design ideation that defines innovation in new India. 

Who can apply for this scholarship ?

The competition is open to anyone over the age of 18 years (Indian or any nationality). Individual entry may be either from natural person or a group/entity. Multiple entries are allowed for this contest

How can you apply ?

Application can be done online.

The registration process is as follows.

Please log on to

click IHB garment design contest tab.

click apply online.


click INSTRUCTION FOR ONLINE APPLICATION. A pdf file file will start to download. please go through this. How to apply online is illustrated with screen shots.

then click APPLY ONLINE


What is the India Handloom Brand?

India Handloom Brand is an initiative of the Ministry of Textiles, Government of India, for branding of high quality handloom products. The India Handloom Brand would be an endorsement of the high quality of the handloom products to which it is applied in terms of raw materials, processing, embellishments, weaving design and other quality parameters besides social and environmental compliances in their production for earning the trust of the customers.

What are the objectives of the India Handloom Brand?

The objectives of the India Handloom Brand are: (a) To encourage production of high quality and defect-free niche handloom products with minimal impact on environment; (b) To increase the earnings of the weavers and other stakeholders of the handloom industry; and (c) To generate a special market space for handloom products.

What will be the benefit of getting the India Handloom Brand for my product(s)?

The presence of India Handloom Brand logo would differentiate your product(s) and assure the customer of its quality. The premium branding is likely to enable you to source quality fabrics for your product(s) and enhance your sales and earnings through bulk marketing of quality product(s) both within and outside India. Registered users of the India Handloom Brand will also be provided assistance for institutional finance, design development, technical assistance under the National Handloom Development Programme as per the applicable guidelines. 

Am I eligible to apply for the India Handloom Brand registration?

You are eligible to apply for the India Handloom Brand registration if you fall in any of the following categories: 1. Genuine firms/institutions dealing with production of handloom fabrics including: a) Primary Handloom Cooperative Societies 3 b) Self Help Groups (SHG), Consortia, Producers companies, Joint Liability Groups (JLG) c) Weaver Entrepreneurs 2. Producers of garments and made-ups with the condition that they will use India Handloom branded fabric and comply with additional quality parameters regarding stitching, standard sizes etc. contained in IS 12675 (1989) relating to „Guide to garment quality‟ and other applicable BIS standards. 

Terms and Conditions

(A) Participants shortlisted from Round 1 will go to the Round 2 and would be required to submit the following:

1) Actual Ensemble in US Size 8 (34 inch bust size)

2) Photograph of the ensemble with full accessories and look

(B) Participants shortlisted for Round 2 would be given a sum of Rs 5000 for designs in Cotton and Rs 10000 designs in silk for making the prototype. This moneywould be reimbursed at the time of actual submission of the full ensemble at the time of the final stage. No other expenditure apart from this would be paid for to the contestants. Contestants would also have to ensure the ensembles are couriered  to the following address, at their own cost :


Ministry of Textiles

Udyog Bhavan, New Delhi - 110 011

(C) The final submitted ensemble of Round 2 will be the property of DC (HL) and the IPR ownership would rest with DC (HL).

(D) The entries from Round 2 would be judged to select the final winners of the competition.

(E) Participants must ensure that no part of work submitted by them in part or full contains any copyright infringement and is copied. An undertaking in full has to be submitted.

Awarding Criteria: There are different criteria for each phase of the award.

  • Preliminary Round: This phase will be judged primarily on four key aspects such as uniqueness of the concept, uniqueness of technique, fabric used, uniqueness of the style, and presentation of the work.
  • Final Round: Design oriented pieces will be selected according to form, functional and idea execution of the works; the design oriented works will be further considered for their degree of innovation, aesthetic qualities, realization of the identified theme in addition to realization of market requirements.

Jury Composition
Each stage would be judged by an eminent jury drawn from the fashion, handloom and design community. The Jury will comprise of both Academic and Professional participants worldwide, such as head designers of companies and faculty heads or professors.

Prizes and Exhibition:
The winners of the contest apart from monetary prizes will have the honor of being recognized Indian Handloom Brand and would be showcased on Handloom day, 7th August, 2016 at a national level event. . The final prize would consist of the following in each of the three categories of Indian, western and Indo-western, separately for man and woman, thus there will be a total of 18 prizes altogether for this contest.

Best Design Entry – Carry a cash award of Rs 30,000 + Citation
Second Best Design Entry – Carry a cash award of Rs 20,000 + Citation
Jury Special Award – Carry a cash award of Rs 10, 000 + Citation

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