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IMD MBA Scholarship 2017

Deadline: Deadline: Always Open30-Sep-2017
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What is IMD MBA Scholarship 2017?

IMD is offering a variety of merit and need-based MBA scholarships for international students.The deadline to apply is September 30, 2017.

Who can apply for this scholarship ?

Eligibility criteria of each scholarship is explained below-

MBA Class Scholarship for Emerging Markets -

An applicant must be-

  • Citizens of developing countries with good academic results (GMAT).
  • Strong reference letters.
  • Steady career progression

IMD MBA Future Leaders Scholarships-

An applicant must-

  • Demonstrate exceptional leadership understanding.
  • Submit a 750-word essay on-flexibility to be responsive, but also a commitment to a recognized set of values. Discuss using your personal and professional experience.

Nestlé Scholarship for Women-

An applicant must -

  • Be a woman (from developing countries will be preferred).
  • Submit a 750-word essay on-Many have argued that greater diversity in the Top Management team of an organization is good for profits and customers. What would you recommend as ways to achieve greater diversity?

Note- Employees of Nestlé or its subsidiaries are not eligible.

IMD MBA Alumni Scholarships-

An applicant must-

  • Submit a 1,000-word essay on-Identify one tangible social, business or cultural issue in your region or country which you consider a priority to address. Why would you choose this issue and what makes you care about it? How would you, as a business leader (not a 3rd party or government), personally address it and ensure your business action has a sustainable impact?

Note- One scholarship is awarded to a citizen, but not necessarily current resident, of each region: Asia, Africa/Middle East, Latin America, Eastern Europe, and Western Europe/North America/Oceania.

Stewart Hamilton Scholarship-

An applicant must-

  • Submit a 750-word essay on- What, in your view, were the failings in the Hollinger corporate governance system? What personal learnings have you drawn from your analysis of the case study?

Note-The essay should be divided equally between the two questions. The word limit will be strictly enforced.

IMD MBA Merit Scholarships-

An applicant should-

  • Demonstrate exceptional qualities throughout the admissions process.

How can you apply ?

Follow the steps given below in order to apply-
Step 1- Click  here

Step 2- Use the IMD MBA Scholarship template to write essays

Step 3- Complete the MBA Financial aid application form (except for Future Leaders applications) and submit duly filled application to

Terms and Conditions

  • A single applicant may apply to several scholarships simultaneously.
  • One candidate will get only one scholarship.

Award details-

Award amount for each scholarship is mentioned below-

MBA Class Scholarship for Emerging Markets-

  • Award amount will be CHF 200K.

IMD MBA Future Leaders Scholarships -

  •  Award amount will be CHF 30K.

IMD MBA Alumni Scholarships-

  •  Award amount will be CHF 30K.

Nestlé Scholarship for Women-

  • Award amount will be CHF 25K.

Stewart Hamilton Scholarship-

  • Award amount will be CHF 20K.

IMD MBA Merit Scholarships-

  • Award amount will be CHF 20K.

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