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Classmate Whiz Quiz 2016

Deadline: Deadline: Always Open07-Apr-2016
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AwardiPad worth Rs 20,000, Samsung Galaxy Tab worth Rs 15,000, Kindle worth Rs 10,000, Classmate Gift hampers worth Rs 200
EligibilityStudents of 5 to 9 class, age between 10 to 16 years.
RegionAll India
Scholarship provider contact details


ITC Limited,
Education & Stationery Products Business
ITC Centre, 3rd Floor, 760, Anna Salai
Chennai 600 002, India
Telephone: +91 44 4219 2700

What is Classmate Whiz Quiz 2016?

An all India quiz contest for smart minds between ages 10 and 16. Good news for all the whiz kids out there! Stage 1 of the whiz quiz contest has been extended by one month! All the best!

About The Quiz

  • The quiz has 2 stages
  • Stage 1 has 5 categories
  • Each category in Stage 1 has 3 levels
  • Each level in Stage 1 has 10 questions
  • The top scorers in stage 1 stand a chance to participate in stage 2
  • Stage 2 has 10 questions
  • Get one of the highest scores in Stage 2 and stand a chance to win exciting prizes!*

Who can apply for this scholarship ?

Smart minds between ages 10 and 16 and studying in 5 to 9 class are eligible to apply.

How can you apply ?

Application can be done online only.

To participate in this Contest, the Participants should follow the following procedure:
Log into the registration page of the Classmate Whiz Quiz Contest by clicking on the or by clicking on the Registration tab shown on the Contest website) and register as a user according to registration guidelines on the website. The Participant may give the email id of the Parent/Guardian in the event the Participant does not have any email id. 

After Registration, the Participant shall receive an email on the email id entered by the Participant that will contain a link to access the ‘sign in’ page of the Contest Website. The Participant should follow the guidelines stated in the email and on the ‘sign-in’ page. The Participant should enter their e-mail id and password to get access to Level 1 of Stage 1 of the Contest.

Terms and Conditions


  • There are five categories in Stage 1 that the Participant can take part in, and they are as follows: General Knowledge and Current Events, Science and Math, History and Geography, Books and Entertainment, and Sports. The Participant has to participate in all 5 categories in Stage 1 to maximise his score and gain entry to Stage 2.
  • Each category in Stage 1 will be divided into three Levels of increasing difficulty. The Levels are Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3. In Stage 1 of the Contest, all the Levels pertaining to all the categories will be time-bound. If the participant exceeds the time limit, the questions left unanswered will be considered incorrect and will be marked accordingly.  The time limit for each Level in Stage 1 will be 5 minutes.
  • The difficulty level will increase with each subsequent level.
  • Each level consists of ten questions pertaining to that particular category.
  • All the questions will require the Participant to choose the correct answer from two or more options.
  • The participant will receive 10 points for each question answered correctly, and no points for any incorrect answers or unanswered question (There will be no negative marking).
    For example: If a participant attempts the ‘General Knowledge and Current Events’ - Level 1 and answers 8 questions right, the participant secures 80 points ( = 8 X 10)
  • The Participant can only attempt Level 2 after completing Level 1, and Level 3 after completing Level 2 in each category. However a participant is allowed to attempt any other category without completing all three levels in one category.
    For Example, After attempting level 2 of ‘Sports’ category, the participant may attempt level 1 of ‘Science and Math’ or any other category.
  • Each of the Levels in Stage 1 in all the categories can be taken as many times as the Participant would like, using the same email id and Password. The score secured by the Participant in his last attempt will be considered as the valid score for evaluation
    For example, A participant secures 70 points in the first attempt in level 1 of ‘Sports’ category. In his/her second attempt, if he/she secures 50 points in Level 1 of ‘Sports’ category and does not attempt level 1 of ‘Sports’ category further, 50 points will be considered as the points secured by the participant in this level.
  • The aggregate of the scores secured by the participant in each category and each level will be the total score given on the participant profile page
    Category Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Total
    General and Current affairs 80 90 100 270
    Science and Math NA NA NA NA
    History and Geography NA NA NA NA
    Books and Entertainment 10 30 NA 40
    Sports 100 60 80 240
    Total Score 550

    *NA – Not Attempted

    If the participant hasn't attempted any particular category, the score from that category will be zero till the participant attempts the questions in that category

  • Participants who have scored the highest aggregate points in all three Levels in Stage 1 will be intimated about Stage 2 through an email.
  • Stage 2 will be open only to Participants who score the highest aggregate points in all five categories in Stage 1.


  • Stage 2 will consist of ten questions, and can only be attempted once. Each question in Stage 2 will be time-bound and if the participant exceeds the time limit, the questions left unanswered will be considered incorrect and will be marked accordingly. The time limit for each question will vary as per weightage assigned to the question.
  • Each question in Stage 2 will be assigned different weightage based on the difficulty level.
  • The aggregate marks scored by the Participant in Stage 1 will be only considered for his entry into Stage 2 and not for the final evaluation. Participants will be shortlisted after the completion of Stage 2. The final score will be based on the points secured by the Participant in Stage 2 and the total time taken by the Participant in answering the questions in Stage 2.
  • There will be negative marks awarded for wrong answers in Stage 2.

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