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Chanakya Scholarship Awards 2016-17

Deadline: 17-Jan-2017

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Chanakya Foundation displays the Chanakya Scholarship Awards for the year 2016-17 for urging scholars with ability to come in advance and substantiate themselves. This grant allows to praiseworthy scholars from schools of India to win grants worth Rs 1.25 Crore.

This scholarship exam is not at all like standard school exams, they concentrate only on skill, flicker and exhibit a considerable measure of judgment skills. Here it is not about robbing and scoring high stamps. It is about General Knowledge and Basics of Mathematics. Furthermore, Science so on the off chance that you are shrewd then you are only the individual to apply.


This grant project is for candidates of class 4 to 10, which is further isolated into primary, middle and secondary level.


How to apply?

Individual Registration:

  • Individual understudies can apply autonomously or through their school. Sections from understudies applying autonomously should not be incorporated into the passages from understudies enlisting through their schools. In any case they would propose that your entrances are directed through schools.

School's Registration: 

  • Enrollment through Chanakya establishment Representative 
  • Should you require help of a Chanakya establishment Representative for enrollment you can contact, Their officials will help in giving and topping off structures. After fruition of the customs of topping off the structures and installments their administrators will visit your school office and gather the required reports. You are additionally required to present the rundown of the understudies to our official. You are required to utilize the exceptional envelope gave by Chanakya establishment to make all entries.

More Information

CHANAKYA AWARD is an awesome open door for any establishment where training is empowered and future champs spotted. So on the off chance that you are heading a school or instructive establishment that has understudies from 4th to 10th standard, then CHANAKYA AWARD is one open door you can't bear to miss. They would be charmed to go over and clarify the immense potential CHANAKYA AWARD offers any school or foundation of notoriety.


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