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Banasthali Vidyapith Admission 2016-17

Deadline: Deadline: Always Open30-Apr-2016
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AwardAdmission in Class 6, 9, B Tech, MTech, MCA, MBA, Pharma, B.Ed, B.Design, MA, MPhil etc
EligibilityClass 6, 9, 11 Graduate, Post graduate girls
RegionAll India
Scholarship provider contact details

Banasthali Vidyapith,
P.O. Banasthali Vidyapith, 
Rajasthan - 304022

Prof. Chitra Purohit : President    Phone: 228371    PBX Nos.: 303    Email:
Prof. Siddarth Shastri : Vice-President   Email:, 

Phone:  01438-228477, 228456


72 km. from Jaipur. 7 km. off. Jaipur-Kota Road at 65 km. stone. There are 11 buses of Rajasthan Roadways Transport Corporation at Jaipur-Banasthali route.


Banasthali Newai Railway station is on the Jaipur-Swaimadhopur-Mumbai broad gauge line of the Western Railway. It is equidistance from Jaipur and Swaimadhopur,66 Kms from both. Jaipur is on Delhi-Ahmadabad Broad-gauge main line of Western Railway and there are direct trains to Jaipur from Delhi-Junction, Agra Fort, Ahmadabad, Indore, Mumbai, Udaipur, Bikaner, Jodhpur, Chennai, Bangalore, Howrah etc. Swaimadhopur is on Delhi-Mumbai Central Broad gauge main line of the Western railways. Their are direct trains to Swaimadhopur from Agra Fort also.


Banasthali has its own licensed Air Field (09/26). Jaipur Airport is 59 km. Disclaimer: All the information produced is true to maximum extent possible but rights of final decisions regarding all matters related to Banasthali Admissions remain in the hand of Banasthali Administration only

What is Banasthali Vidyapith Admission 2016-17?

Banasthali Vidyapith is a fully residential women's university which offers an integrated system extending from the primary to the Ph.D. level. It was on October 6, 1935 that Smt. Ratan Shastri and Pandit Hiralal Shastri founded Banasthali to fill up the vacuum caused by the sudden death of their highly talented and promising daughter Shantabai.

They had high expectations that she would work for women's cause when she would grow up. But destiny ordained otherwise. Thus, Banasthali owes its existence neither to the zeal of an educationist, nor to that of a social reformer. It is also not the creation of a Philanthropist's purse. It has arisen like the fabled phoenix from the ashes of a blossoming flower Shantabai. Banasthali is one of the five universities in India meant exclusively for Women. Over these seventy five years Banasthali has developed into a National Centre for women's education.

Banasthali's educational programme aims at an all-round development of the student's personality. To achieve its objective of 'synthesis of spiritual values and scientific achievements of the East and the West', it has evolved Five-fold Educational Programme (Panchmukhi Shiksha) comprising of the following aspects : (i) Physical, (ii) Practical, (iii) Aesthetic, (iv) Moral and (v) Intellectual. This way the students develop an integrated and balanced personality

Who can apply for this scholarship ?

  • Admission to the Banasthali Vidyapith is open to women only.
  • Admission is open to all women irrespective of their race, religion, caste, colour or domicile.

How can you apply ?

How to Apply

1 Send a DD for Rs. 800/- in favour of "Banasthali Vidyapith" payable at Banasthali /Jaipur to: 
Secretary -
Banasthali Vidyapith 
P.O. BANASTHALI VIDYAPITH- 304022 (Rajasthan)
2 Prospectus and form can also be obtained in person upon payment of Rs. 800/- in cash from: 

Higher Education 
     Surya Mandir, 
     Banasthali Vidyapith. 
     305655, 228990
     93528 79833,
     93528 79844,
     93528 79855

School Education 
(a) for IX & XI : 
     Sharda Mandir,
     Banasthali Vidyapith
     Phone: 01438-228383
(b) for VI : 
     Saraswati Mandir
     Banasthali Vidyapith
     Phone: 01438-228479

3 Online Submission of application is also possible at the University's website:-

Terms and Conditions

Fee Structure

Higher Education
Group (A1)


Regular Fee

MBA, MCA, M.Pharm., M.Tech., M.Des., B.Tech., B.B.A., B.C.A., L.L.B.(Integrated), B.Design, B.Pharm.

92,000/- p.a.

Group (A2)


Regular Fee

M. Sc., Master of Social Work, , B.Sc., B.Sc. (Aviation Science)*, B.A. (Journalism and Mass Communication), B.Com., B.Ed., M.Ed. 

68,000/- p.a.

 Group (A3)


Regular Fee

B.A., M.Phil., M.A., M.Sc. (Home Science), B.Sc.(Home Science),

44,000/- p.a.

Note: Regular fee for Foreign/NRI/NRI sponsored applicants:-   For Group (A) courses : US Dollar $ 3,600 p.a. , For Group (B) courses : US Dollar $ 2,700 p.a. and For Group (C) courses : US Dollar $ 1,800 p.a.  

1. The above fee structure shall be applicable to new admissions. Continuing students (those enrolled in an under-graduate or post-graduate course and continuing the same course), shall pay the educational fee as paid by them last year according to 2015-16 fee schedule. Students leaving Class XII and joining an under-graduate programme or completing an under-graduate course and enrolling for a post-graduate shall be treated as new students for the purposes of determining the education fee payable by them. 

2. A one-time hostel admission fee or Rs. 5,000/- shall be charged from all newly admitted students.

* B.Sc. (Aviation Science) students will have to pay for 200 hours of flying to BVGFC Rs. 9000/- per hour approximately. 

3. The regular students classified in group (A1), (A2) and (A3) respectively shall pay a one time course admission fee Rs. 10,000/-, Rs. 5,000/-, Rs.1000/-

* B.Sc. (Aviation Science) students will have to pay for 200 hours of flying to BVGFC Rs. 9000/- per hour approximately. 

The above students classified in Group (A1), (A2) and (A3), respectively, shall pay the development fee of Rs. 23,000/-, Rs. 17,000/- and Rs. 10,000/-, respectively, per year, in addition to the fee given above. 


S. No.




Mess Charges (For 10 Months)



Electricity & Water (For 10 Months)



Room Rent (For 10 Months)



Campus Fee (Annual)






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