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All India Poetry Competition 2015

Deadline: Deadline: Always Open30-Sep-2015
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What is All India Poetry Competition 2015?

The Competition is organised by The Poetry Society (India).

1.The Competition is open to resident and non-resident Indian poets and translators.

2.Members of the Governing Board and the Executive Committee of The Poetry

            Society (India) and the first prize-winners of previous All-India Poetry

            Competitions are not permitted to enter the Competition.

3.No Competitor may win more than one prize

Who can apply for this scholarship ?

The Competition is open to resident and non-resident Indian poets and translators

How can you apply ?

The following procedure be followed for sending the entries:

1.A copy of each poem  be sent through e-mail at

 Another copy of the same poem/s be sent in print/typed form through mail/courier along with the entry fee and cost of anthology.

2.Each entry must be either a poem written in English or Hindi by the competitor or his/her translation into English or Hindi of a poem by any poet in any of the recognized Indian languages.

3.There will be an entry fee of Rs. 200 per poem. Competitors may submit as many poems as they wish to submit.

4.In case of submission of translated version of copyrighted poems in English or Hindi before submitting the poems, the translators should have obtained permission from the poets for the use of their poems for the Competition. Scanned copy/copies of the permission/s should be sent along with the entry/entries by e-mail and original copy/copies by post to The Poetry Society (India).   

5.Each poem must be the unaided work of the author or translator and it must not have been previously published or broadcast.

6.If it has been found that the competitor has copied in full or part a poem of another poet or downloaded in full or part a poem of another poet from the Internet, and submitted as an entry to the All India Poetry Competition 2015, suitable/legal action can be taken against the competitor.

7.The maximum length of a poem should be about 40 lines.

8.Competitors may submit as many poems as they wish provided that each poem is accompanied by an entry fee or Rs. 200/- per poem.

9.The entry fee must be paid by a Demand Draft drawn on any bank in India and made payable to The Poetry Society (India) at New Delhi. Payments sent by outstation cheques, cash or money order will not be accepted. The payments should be sent to The Secretary, The Poetry Society (India), L-67A, Malviya Nagar, New Delhi-110017. The Demand Draft should be sent along with the Entry Form duly filled in and copies of poems sent by e-mail. Please make one DD for entry-fee payments to be made for all poems submitted and the cost of the anthology.

10.Entries will be judged without the panel of judges knowing the identity of the competitors. Name of the poet should not be added to the text of the poem. The Poetry Society (India) will allot an identification number to each poem which has been received as an entry for the competition.

11.Receipt of an entry will be acknowledged by e-mail after the receipt of DD, Entry Form and poems by courier/post.

12.The worldwide copyright of each prize-winning or shortlisted poem, and of any other poem selected by the judges for special commendation will remain with the author, but The Poetry Society (India) shall have the unrestricted right to present the poem on television, radio or the stage, or to publish it at the time of the prize-giving, or at any time up to twelve months afterwards.

13.All competitors shall be deemed to have read and accepted all the conditions of entry for the All-India Poetry Competition 2015 at the time of submission.

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