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18th Children's Drawing Contest JQA 2017


  • Eligibility: Age 7 to 15 years
  • Benefits: Special memorabilia & participation prize


18th Children's Drawing Contest JQA 2017 invites application for the students whose age should be between 7 to 15 years around the whole world by the Japan Quality Assurance Organization (JQA) and International Certification Organization Network (IQNet) to draw a picture. This contest is providing an opportunity to the students of the future generation to become more aware of their global environment through drawing a picture under the theme 'We are sharing our beautiful Earth'. The winners will get a special memorabilia & participation prize.


JQA International Environmental Children's Drawing Contest Office, POB 264, Kyobashi Yubinkyoku, Tokyo, 104-8691, Japan


  • Students of age 7 to 15 years are eligible to apply.
  • Students around the whole world are eligible to apply.

The application can be done by post with the following steps:
Step 1: Download
the application form.
Step 2: Enter necessary information on the application form at the back and attach it to the back of the drawing.
Step 3: Draw in free hand with any type of paint, pastel, etc. (paper size 257×364mm or smaller).
Step 4: Attach the drawing.
Step 5: Send it to the given address:

JQA International Environmental,
Children's Drawing Contest Office
POB 264, Kyobashi Yubinkyoku,
Tokyo, 104-8691, Japan

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