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13th Annual DNA Day Essay Contest 2018

Deadline: Deadline: Always Open09-Mar-2018
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What is 13th Annual DNA Day Essay Contest 2018?

13th Annual DNA Day Essay Contest 2018 invites applications from students of class 9-12. The objective of the scholarship is to make students research and understand the concepts in genetics. 

Who is offering this scholarship ?

The scholarship is provided by The American Society of Human Genetics. It is a primary membership organisation for human genetics specialists worldwide. The organisation consists of 8,000 members which include researchers, academicians, clinicians, laboratory practice professionals, genetic counselors, and nurses.

Who can apply for this scholarship ?

  • Applicant should be a student of class 9-12.

How can you apply ?

Step 1: Applicant should submit the essay to his/her class teacher.
Step 2: Teacher will authenticate the essay. 
Step 3: Then, the teacher can click here to open the application form. 
Step 4: He/She will fill the application form.
Step 5: Upload the essay.
Step 6: Then, submit the application form.


What are the benefits ?

13th Annual DNA Day Essay Contest 2018 provides up to USD 1,000 prize money.

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