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Why Student Management Panel (SMP) for SCHOOLS and FOUNDATIONS

Why Student Management Panel (SMP) for SCHOOLS and FOUNDATIONS?

If you are a school or foundations, connected to talented, meritorious and under-privileged students. You should use our Student Management Panel (SMP) tool. With this unique tool, you can help your students to receive scholarships & help them to pursue their dreams.

How SMP will solve this problem?
With SMP, you can create as many students profiile. Once profiling is done, students will be entitled to know about the right scholarships availble for them. Panel also informs students whenever a scholarship comes matching with his profile. Panel provide an access of premium application support documents & guidelines as well.

What is in it for Schools?

  • Schools’ students get to know about all the opportunities coming for them on time and also getting help to apply on time, thus benefiting them.
  • Merit based and talent based scholarships will allow your students to bring prestige and honor to your school.

What is in it for Foundations?

  • It is simple to profile your community students and provide them required application support tocreate success stories. You can be an agent to fill the awareness and application gaps in your community.
  • An earning and branding opportunity by felicitating the process.

What are the features of SMP?

  • Premium access to scholarship database.
  • Premium access to scholarship application support documents: videos, checklists & demo forms.
  • Add as many students profile.
  • Students list with recommended scholarships.
  • Scholarship list with eligible students.
  • Send Scholarship SMS notifications to eligible students directly.
  • Can organize local awareness and application camps with their eligible students for specific scholarships.