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Scholarship Tips

Scholarships are a student.s best friend. Scholarships help students sail through their degree without facing financial problems and struggling to pay tuitions. There are many kinds of scholarships today to encourage students with different talents to excel in their chosen field. One basic step to obtaining a scholarship is filling up the form right. 

Almost all scholarship opportunity need to have application requirements for students willing to avail. Since the number of scholarships available is usually limited and the number of applicants high, there will be a strict screening process to choose a deserving candidate for scholarship.

Therefore, Filling out the application form is an important part of the scholarship procedure. Usually, students who do not adhere to the guidelines of filling out the form will not be considered, even if their academic records deserve the scholarship. Filling out the forms carefully is important.

Common mistakes & Guidelines while filling a Form:

  1. If the form has to be filled out manually, filling out a duplicate copy to avoid mistakes is advised. Duplicate forms can be corrected and later copied onto the original forms. Some forms will have the ink preferences specified at the beginning. Also, instructions to print in capital or normal writing will also be provided at the beginning of the form.
  2. Keeping the previous records accurate is mandatory whenever filling out any kind of application form. Specially, academic information and previous achievements mentioned must be substantiated with sufficient proofs like certificates and report cards and so on.
  3. Providing incorrect postal and email address.
  4. Sign the form and make sure everybody who is supposed to sign the form signs it. An unsigned form will not be processed. Even though the rest of the form should be completed in black ink, you should sign the form in blue ink.(Sometimes mentioned it explicitly)
  5. Complete the entire form. If your answer to some questions is zero, be sure to write "0" instead of leaving the answer blank.
  6. On the paper form, follow instructions with regard to using a pen or pencil.
  7. Striking out, or using whiteners does not create a good impression and so, are best avoided. The tougher the competition gets, the more stringent the rules will be.
  8. Check grammar: While applying for any scholarship, keep a check that you are using the right language and not making any grammatical error in your application. If you make any grammatical error in your application it will create a wrong impression on the scholarship provider and show your non-seriousness towards the programme.
  9. Spelling: Always cross check the spellings of your name, father.s name and other details, so that your application will not get rejected due to spelling error.
  10. Deadlines: The fatal mistake you can make while applying for a scholarship is crossing the deadline while submitting your application. The deadlines are set for a season by scholarship providers. The students who apply for the scholarships after crossing the date of deadline usually face rejection and considered as non-serious applicant. If filling out manually, posting the application forms well in advance, to the correct postal address provided is important.
  11. All income questions must be completed. If the answer is zero or the question does not apply to you, write in a 0. Do not use dashes or leave the question blank. If you leave an income question blank, the processor will assume that you forgot to answer the question.
  12. Put date on the form, where asked.

For International scholarship applications:

  1. One should fill the form by taking extra and fill all the required information. Students should first know what type of documents are required to fill the form. Follow all the mentioned steps carefully to reduce the chances of rejection. Try to include an essay or personal statement in your application.
  2. Multiple applications: Many students fail to maintain a perfect balance between their number of applications and quality of application. Applying for various scholarships at the same time for a programme is an intelligent move. It will increase your chances of getting financial aid. However, every application should be made with complete seriousness, and one should fulfill all the details. Apply to programs for which you are eligible that will save your time and your efforts.

Whether you have filled your forms manually or online, mistakes are bound to happen. It therefore, makes sense to check the filled-up form thoroughly in order to avoid errors.

Remember that simply taking personal interest in the scholarship process can help you avoid most of these mistakes.