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Information Resources

Finding an appropriate scholarship can be a very time-consuming process. One can find it in newspapers, school/college magazines, government websites, Internet scholarship information portals etc.

Some of the resources are:

  • High school counsellor or college financial aid officer
  • School & College websites
  • Student clubs and organizations
  • Community organizations
  • Local businesses
  • Parents. employer
  • Parents. or grandparents. military service
  • Your employer
  • Parents. union
  • Religious organizations
  • Local or State government
  • Local newspaper
  • Internet, websites

Scholarship Biggest Challenge: Creating awareness

ISSUE: Billions of rupees in scholarship funds go un-awarded each year.

Promoting the scholarship schemes towards target audience efficiently is one common challenge and issue with almost every scholarship provider. As the normal promotional channels such as TVs, media, newspapers etc. are really expensive; it needs millions of rupees budget to create their awareness.

Buddy4study bridges this gap and provides a direct connection between the scholarship providers and students community.

Ultimately benefitting society in following ways:-

  • Lower cost of promotion means increased budget for benefits & scholarships available for students.
  • High awareness among student community, increases the number of applications received from more deserving potential students and accordingly increases their chances to win. So that, more students can pursue their interests, talents & dreams
  • Decreasing in cases, where the available scholarship funds are unutilized.

Our scholarship guide book (link) & this website ( are two important channels for our mission for creating awareness about such scholarships. Our motto is to help talented, meritorious and needy students connect with such schemes and increase the reach of benefits across the society.

Other Scholarship Resources:

Buddy4study ( is one scholarship information resource. Other reputed websites providing accurate scholarship information are as follows:-