I am a final year student of BA English and I want to pursue a career in advertising. What is the best way to get started? 


Many people enter the advertising industry directly after college armed with a PG degree. Courses in mass communication, advertising, marketing and writing are helpful, but internships may be essential to enter the field. Work experience is what potential employers always look for. Some of the top firms have structured internship programmes, which are featured on their websites. These days, most ad agencies prefer MBAs or at least those with a PG diploma in advertising/ mass communication/PR for client servicing roles. Flexibility, a commitment to hard work and willingness to work long hours are important for success in this field. Before you decide if this industry is right for you consider the long hours involved and the stressof working in a very competitive clientdriven business. Web-related experience is also highly valued and required from the design and creative realm as well as on the account side. And, it goes without saying that anyone venturing into this field needs to have good communication skills, out-of-the-box ideas, and a creative aptitude. 

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