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Stalin Malhotra
Tata Mc-graw Hill Publishing
256 Pages


Numerical Problems In Physics For Class IX, by the author Stalin Malhotra is an extensive guide book on various numerical problems in Physics, covered under the latest CBSE syllabus.
Summary Of The Book
Numerical Problems In Physics For Class IX has been written with an aim to guide the students of class IX who are enrolled under the CBSE course. It is a comprehensive book of numerical solutions in physics with chapter wise explanation of various contents like Measurement, Motion, Force and Newton’s Law, Gravitation, Work, Energy and Power, Floating Bodies, Sound and its Propagation and Structure of Atom.
At the beginning of each chapter, a brief overview and summary of the content is provided. Through this book, the students gradually gain an in depth knowledge of the subject matter, the problems and the solutions. The book is thus, a ‘step by step’ approach to solving various numerical problems in the world of physics. This detailed guide ensures students study by presenting the material in an attention grabbing and interesting layout. 
The book is loaded with various unsolved problems and hints to solve them. There are chapter wise test practices through which you can assess your knowledge of the chapter. The author has also incorporated questions from NCERT and various other competitive exams in the book. This gives the student an opportunity to probe into the chapter in a much more intricate way. It enables them to polish their numerical knowledge in physics and to hone their skills in solving various problems even out of the syllabus.
The book has been much appreciated by the CBSE students who claim it to be an excellent guide that helps them understand and solve the numerical problems with ease.
About Stanley Malhotra
Stalin Malhotra is an eminent educationist and a renowned author of a number of books for children. He is widely known as a significant contributor in the field of education.
He authored a number of guidebooks in physics for school children; some of which includes; Class 11 Physics, Numerical Problems In Physics For Class X, Target CBSE Physics (Class - XII), Frank CCE Everyday Science for Class-8 (With CD) and the like.
The main motive of Stalin’s books is to guide the students in the most fruitful manner. His style and language is simple, and this enables students to understand the concept of the chapters with ease. He makes sure to use the language pattern that caters to CBSE students.
Stalin Malhotra is the Principal of the Delhi Public School, Faridabad. The All India Freelance Journalists and Writers’ Association conferred him with Dr. Radha Krishana Memorial Teachers’ Award in the year 2000.