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Pragati-Growth for Everyone - IIT Guwahati

Pragati-Growth for Everyone - IIT Guwahati

Techniche, the annual Techno-Management Festival of IIT Guwahati is going to witness its 17th edition in September 2015. From its humble beginning in 1999, Techniche has grown to become one of the premier Techno-Management festivals of the nation. As a part of its ‘Initiatives’ module, Techniche has launched a program 'Pragati- Growth for everyone’ to bring an improvement in the lives of the residents of the village ‘LatiyaBagicha’(A village near IIT Guwahati).

We can barely imagine a life without electricity during the night. The darkness instills a feeling of helplessness. Even a tiny candle makes us feel comfortable in such pitch darkness. Techniche had taken up a rural street lighting initiative under ‘Pragati’, to install street lights which work on solar power, which is both ecological and economic. These were installed in ‘LatiyaBagicha’ on 7th March 2015(Saturday). The residents were educated regarding the use of these lights and their maintenance.

As a part of Pragati, a teaching program was launched on the 26th of January (Republic Day) to serve the basic education of the children. They are being taught elementary subjects like basic arithmetic, natural sciences and other moral principles of life. These classes are being conducted every Friday and Saturday. The residents of the village are being educated in the following areas:

  1. Causes of diseases and preventive measures.
  2. Women’s issues.
  3. Effect of tobacco and drinking.
  4. Drug abuse and illicit trafficking
  5. Importance of sanity
  6. Providing knowledge about government policies and acts which affect them and other general topics.

Growth is a wonderful thing, and its benefits should be reaped by everyone. Unfortunately, in a country as large as ours, with needs and circumstances as diverse, it is a major challenge to bring everyone into the folds of growth. In such a situation, it becomes everyone’s responsibility to ensure that growth does not become a prerogative to certain sections of the society. This is situation not only in Guwahati there are many such areas. They are a small group of people aspiring for a change. Few NGO's have come forward to take part in this program, but for an effective change, everyone needs to lend a helping hand and turn their efforts into a success.



Nov 20, 2015

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