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Meet the future women scientists of India

It comes just in time this year! With #Daughter’sDay trending on almost every social channel on 24th of September, it is only perfect that L'Oréal decides to announce the winners of ‘L'Oréal India Young Woman for Science Scholarship 2017’ complementing this global event celebrating daughters.

The Background

Currently, in its 13th year, the Young Women in Science scholarships were instituted in the year 2003. Since then L'Oréal has empowered 300 young women to pursue a career in Medicine, Engineering, Information Technology, Pharmacy, Biotechnology, and other graduate courses.

Why empower women in the field of Science?

On 23rd of September, India celebrated the 100th birth anniversary of Dr Asima Chatterjee. Dr Chatterjee dedicated 60 years of her life towards research of native medicinal plants. A scholar and globally renowned chemist, she has had an illustrious career and was the first female recipient of the coveted Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar Prize. What makes this story relevant is that it was only after several decades that another female scientist would make it for the prize.

Young Women in Science scholarships by L'Oréal is aimed at cultivating more such iconic female figures in the field of science. It is an effort to bridge the widening gap that women face when it comes to pursuing and making a career in science and allied streams.

What is the reward

Young women from economically backward sections of the society are given the wings to achieve their dreams. A corpus funding amounting to INR 2,50,000 over a span of four years is offered to ever recipient for taking up higher education in the field of science.

Meet the winners of L'Oréal India Young Woman for Science Scholarship 2017

After going through a stringent selection process, 50 women are on the verge of achieving a breakthrough in their education that will enable them to make a mark in the field of science. For us, they are not only the winners of a scholarship, they are the future scientists of India, the rising stars of the horizon, the women who will bring about a welcome change.

Here is the list of winners:

  1. Aditi Arya
  2. Akshata Hiremath
  3. Amisha Lawaniya
  4. Anagha M
  5. Anisha Gadagi
  6. Anita Panda
  7. Anwesha Pradhan
  8. Ayushi Dhingra
  9. Baby Latha Sudabattula
  10. Chunduri Durga Bhavani
  11. Dhyana K
  12. Divya Rashi
  13. Divya Sree Repaka
  14. Ekta Sharma
  15. Gayatri Dangare
  16. Geeta Sharma
  17. Goutami Sadhukhan
  18. Kriti Kumari
  19. Kshamitha Jain
  20. Laxmi Mutakekar
  21. Mamta Kurrey
  22. Manasi Kadam
  23. Manisha Thammannagari
  24. Meghana Pochana
  25. Nandini B C
  26. Neha Dinesh Prabhu
  27. Nelluri Madhuri
  28. Nikhil Jyoti
  29. Nivedya Bm
  30. Prathima P
  31. Prerna
  32. Raziya Banu R
  33. Sahana K M
  34. Saloni Kothari
  35. Samruddhi Deshmukh
  36. Shatabdi Bhattacharyya
  37. Shivani Bhoje
  38. Shravani Rawool
  39. Shweta Mangrulkar
  40. Sri Sasanka Pranathi Nalam
  41. Subhashree Mishra
  42. Sudesh Kumari
  43. Suravi Bera
  44. Tanushree G V
  45. Twisha Chatterjee
  46. Uma Rani
  47. Vaddi Sravya
  48. Vani Pulipati
  49. Vijayalakshmi Bevinamarad
  50. Yashaswani A C

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