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How to prepare for studying abroad?

Have you finally decided to pursue your higher education at a University overseas? If yes, then you might now be wondering about how to start your preparations for studying abroad. Of course, relocating to a distant nation requires careful planning and preparation before you undertake your journey. Once you have received a letter of acceptance from the university, you are left with a limited time to manage everything.

However, you don’t need to panic just yet. Here is a checklist to help you organize and prepare before heading abroad:

Plan your finances

At the top of your list for consideration to plan your funds and finances, we advise you to take sufficient cash to survive during the initial days of your stay – preferably in the local currency. Also, check out the cards that are locally accepted in that country. However, above all, you need to look out for suitable financial assistance available at the University/College you’ve been admitted to, to lessen your financial burden.

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Arrange all important documents

Having all your travel documents in place shall go a long way in ensuring a stress-free travel experience. It is advisable for you to complete all your documentation and other formalities before time. Some of the important documents you need to take care of are:


Study visa

Letter of Acceptance from the University

All academic, medical and financial transcripts

Get flight tickets booked in advance

Once you are clear with the dates of going abroad, you can book your flight tickets well in advance. Doing so will not only reduce your stress but also benefit you in terms of seasonal offers and discounts in the prices. Booking flight tickets early can help you save more in terms of money.

Pack all your necessary belongings

Packing for a trip can be a nightmare for many at the best of times, and the pressure for packing for a long term international stay, as the case is with a study abroad trip, only exacerbates this further. While packing may come easy to some, it still requires great attention and planning to ensure you do not miss anything important. Here is a checklist of things that you should ensure in your packing –

All essential documents and flight tickets at one place

Select clothes according to the weather abroad

Some dry snacks to feed your hunger

Appliances like mobile phones and laptops along with their chargers

Hosting country’s currency

Few toiletries

Basic medications

Hope you find these things helpful for you in preparing for your overseas education.

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